The Meat Shop of Indianapolis

Our selection of beef is second to none.  We cover all the bases with products that range from select to as choice as it gets.  We have sourced our suppliers and trust the integrity of the products we offer enough to guarantee your satisfaction. 

Our offering includes:
14 different cuts of Steaks
6 types of Roasts (more upon request)
Ground Beef (we have it all...believe us)
All of the cuts for your smoker
Stew meat, etc.
Dog bones and suet (for all you animal lovers)
Angus products!


Our pork products are purchased and processed right here in Indiana so you know you are receiving the freshest cuts possible.  Our offering includes:

Multiple types of chops
Whole and cut loins (bone in or out)
Bacon (thick or thin)
Smoked and pulled pork
Specialty bacon (upon request)
Sausage and ground pork
Brains, hocks, name it. 

Follow the links, below, for more information on our Fresh products:



You Can't Beat Our Meat!

Our chicken selection is broad and priced right.  Come in and see for yourself.  Based on past sales we know that this is a staple item in most orders.  It is from the Amish farms of Northern Indiana so it is raised and processed close to home.  We have a variety including:

Whole or Cut up Chickens
Boneless Breast (you won't believe the price!)
Wings, Thighs, Drumsticks, Leg Quarters, Party Wings,
Gizzards, Necks,  Hearts, Etc. 

Lamb / Goat
Lamb and goats have been a traditional favorite for over 5,000 years.  We are proud to serve traditional, high quality, cuts at very affordable prices.  We have chops, roasts, legs and quarters as well as whole carcasses available upon request.  Kosher and Halal meat is available upon request. 

We carry a variety of seafood.  All of our seafood is flash frozen immediately following harvest to ensure the freshest taste and experience.  We have a variety including:

Several sizes of Shrimp
Tilapia (whole and filets)
Catfish (filets, whole and nuggets)
Bluegill (yes, we said, "Bluegill") 
Many more available upon request. 

Wild Game
Where else can you go to satisfy all of your cravings for wild game?  You never have to hunt again....just come see us and save the trip.  Below is a sampling of what we offer: Elk, Buffalo, Alligator, Frog Legs and many more available upon request.