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Are you a not-for-profit organization or are you a member/supporter of such organizations?  Could this organization use additional money?  In 2008, we began to see the first decrease in public charitable giving in over 20 years and this trend has continued.  Are you tired of trying to raise funds by begging or by selling items that are not essential to a family’s survival such as magazines, pizza, candy and the like?  Let THE MEAT SHOP help solve your fundraising problems.  How about raising money through the sale of a family staple – meat?  This is a product that families need and will purchase all year long.  Now you can convert this steady stream of dollars into a steady gift to your favorite organization.  Get rid of overworked, one time fundraisers and welcome a fundraiser that will virtually sell itself.  If you are interested…read on.


Let us help…

The THE MEAT SHOP is generously offering to give 10% of the gross sales of any order, year round, to the not-for-profit organization of your choice (if you use the order form provided)*.  We believe in giving back to the community.  We simply cannot be in all places at once to seek out and support the outstanding not-for-profit organizations that provide civic care.  If your church, little league, social club, animal shelter, elderly care hospice, food bank, homeless shelter, etc. needs additional funds (and they all do in these times) please consider purchasing your meat from THE MEAT SHOP  and let our butchers help give you and your friends a tasty treat that will keep you coming back. 


How does it work?

Each not-for-profit organization that chooses to participate will collect and pass out our order forms to their supporters with a call to action.  The order form is easy to follow and may be accessed online.  The order forms will be returned to the not-for-profit organization (along with payment for the order) and when all orders are in hand they will be sent to THE MEAT SHOP for processing*.  We will make arrangements with the organization for delivery within 24 hours of receiving the order.  Payment to THE MEAT SHOP will be made at the time of delivery.  Payments can be made via cash, check, credit card or EBT (food stamps).  Purchases via credit card and EBT will require the supporter to fill out a voucher as part of the order (see order form).  Cash and checks will simply be held by the organization until time of delivery.  After delivery from THE MEAT SHOP the not-for-profit organization’s supporters will pick up their meat on-site.  Appropriate arrangements should be made for either storing meat on-site at the not-for-profit organization or having the supporters pick up their order at the time of delivery from THE MEAT SHOP.  Our friendly and supportive staff will help make this process very simple.



Example of ONGOING SUPPORT (Church or any Not-for-Profit operating year round):

ABC Charity has 100 regular supporters.  The director of ABC sends out an order form to each of his supporters asking them to help support the charity via the purchase of meat.  The order forms are provided to the charity throughout the month and on the 5th and 20th of the month the order forms are sent to THE MEAT SHOP .  On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month a delivery is made to ABC where the supporters come later in the day to pick up their orders.  The meat is kept cool in ABC’s refrigerator for several hours at most.  Immediately following these deliveries a check for 10% of the gross sale is sent to ABC from THE MEAT SHOP.  ABC has 50 supporters who regularly use this meat service and consume the average amount of meat per month for an American family.  This turns out to be an order of $10,000 per month leading to a check of $1,000 for ABC Charity every month without asking the supporters to spend a dime more than they normally would week to week.  The director looks like a champ and the mission of ABC Charity is furthered.  A win-win. 


Example of ONE TIME fundraiser (Schools, youth athletic leagues, Social Clubs, etc.):

            The Superstar Little League All-stars (SLLA) were trying to figure out how to pay for their uniforms, equipment, entry fees and road trips.  SLLA’s director picked up the order forms from THE MEAT SHOP and handed them out to the team and parents who, in turn, solicited friends and family for support.  As usual, all of the supporters, friends and family had one thing in common – they consumed meat – which made drumming up support easier than ever.  SLLA set up a date to return the forms (with payment) to the director as well as a pick up date for the meat.  Some of SLLA’s supporters needed to pick up their meat directly from THE MEAT SHOP as they weren’t able to attend the one time pick up.  The SLLA, through creative sales strategies, were able to generate an order for 150 families at $200 / family for a total order of $30,000.  That meant THE MEAT SHOP  cut the SLLA a check for $3,000 as a thank you for participating in the fund raising program.  This was more than enough to pay for all of their uniforms, equipment and entry fees as well as a significant portion of their road trip expenses.  Again, a true win-win situation.


We look forward to serving you and your favorite not-for-profit organizations in the very near future. 


-          The Owners of THE MEAT SHOP


*The organization will be required to provide proof of legal not-for-profit status upon the initial order and then annually thereafter.  Minimum orders are $1,000 per organization per order.


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