The Meat Shop of Indianapolis
"You can't beat our meat!"

About Us

The Meat Shop of Indianapolis was started in October of 2009 in order to fill a void in the market place in which customers could choose top quality meat (in large variety) at exceptional prices.  Most meat markets in our area today are in large chains or other such organizations where meat is not the focus but the carrot that draws people in.  When something is on sale it is usually because it is overstocked and nearing being out of date.  So regular folks only have opportunity to purchase top quality products when they have a special occasion and can justify laying out the cash.  We believe that in the most affluent nation on the planet all of the citizens should have access to top quality meat at the lowest possible price.

With this in mind, we began preparing for the endeavor in 2008 by hiring and working with the top minds in the industry in our State and region.  We discussed meat safety and quality with the top doctors in the food regulatory business and Purdue University to help obtain our current business operating model.  We visited the source of our meat personally and viewed the entire supply chain from top to bottom.  We owned and operated a slaughter house for the purpose of gaining further education (sold in 2010 before opening at the W. Washington St. Plaza).  We then hired on site butchers and workers each with over 25 years in the industry.  Currently we employ three such butchers and a number of staff in training under them.  We pride ourselves in the quality, presentation and service that these minds have created.  We believe what we have created is a breath of fresh air when you walk into our butcher shop and know you can leave with some change in your pocket and a bunch top quality product in hand. 

We have already seen the impact on the local community.  Almost everyone that walks in for the first time says something like "it's about time something like this came back to the community."  Come into a shop that looks and feels like you have walked into the 1950's but with some modern equipment thrown in to boot.  We welcome your visit and look forward to serving the community for years to come.


Dean Sr. and Dean Jr. - Owners of The Meat Shop of Indianapolis

You can't beat our meat!  *  Wholesale to the public!  *  $ave Today!

The Meat Shop of Indianapolis
1221 S. High School Rd. 
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Phone:  317-405-9504
Fax:  317-755-2771
Hours:  M-Sat 10a-6:30p and Sun 12a-5p

We accept your credit, debit, cash, and EBT (Food Stamps).
We do not accept personal checks.

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